I received one of those welcome and followup mails from wordpress.com some days back, but it was admist a busy day, so I couldn’t read it…..until yesterday.Ā 

I saw myself clicking the link in the mail and before i knew it, i have signed up for their Branding and Growth course.

I got my first lesson almost immediately but couldn’t read it until some minutes ago. Not that i couldn’t have opened the mail and read through, but I wanted to open it when my day is fresh and I’m not yet tired of working all day.

And the Mail subject gave me the clue….I needed to be relaxed when reading this mail šŸ˜€, ‘cos I have some thinking to do. You already know what the subject is about, don’t you?

Setting Goals

What’s my goal for this blog?

– to write content that will add value to you my reader, whether on lifestyle topic, beauty topic or any other topic I decide to write on. Period!

(Don’t ask me expantiate please, as I’m still figuring it out. But it’s okay to start, and develop gradually)

Other things may follow

I have always wanted to furnish my writing skill (which I felt I have during my high school days, but seems like it disappeared after then). I love reading books- novels, personal development books,business books, spiritual books, etc I read them in ebook and in hard cover. I think I have a more robust collection of ebooks.

And Maybe someday, I’ll write my own book! šŸ˜

I know the importance of setting goals, and I need to set goals more often, and so should you ā˜ŗ


Thanks for reading, friend. Share one of your goals with me in the comment.



2 thoughts on “Goals”

  1. Yes! As a newbie in the blogging world, setting goals and taking action is the key! This happens to me, I open an email and skim it. I need time to focus and understand the content and then get back on it. Thanks!

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