affiliate marketing coach


Good to see you here.

My name is Victoria Ajadi, an Affiliate Marketing Coach who is passionate about people succeeding in Online Business and Marketing.

I started discovering the various opportunities available online in 2018. I created my youtube channel and started putting out content about making money online and affiliate marketing.

This blog was created in 2020 after a lot of procrastination (lol) to reach out to the ‘reading audience’, and I have since posted a lot of blog posts which you will find useful.

Do you want to start and scale an Affiliate Marketing Business but you don’t know where to start? I have been there..and I have helped a lot of people get started and maintained their Affiliate Business. You can request to hop on a 30minutes call with me to see how I can best help you.

I am social 🙂 so feel free to say hi on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

You can leave your questions on my blogpost and I will sure reply you as soon as possible.

Cheers to your success!