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By Victoria

September 3, 2020

In this post, I will share with you the different Websites you can sign up to as a freelancer and Make money in Nigeria. If you are looking for the best Nigerian Freelance websites for Nigerians, read on.

You probably might have heard that the different popular website you can make cool cash – dollars, pounds are outside Nigeria… talk about fiverr, Upwork. But the thing is, you require PayPal account or Payoneer account and the hassle of getting a PayPal account is not small.

How To Create a Paypal Business Account That Recieves Money In Nigeria

And to think of all the charges that payoneer and paypal will take out of your money before you actually get the money. But the beauty of working on freelance webites in Nigeria is that you get your money directly into your Nigerian bank account. There is no unnecessary cut from your money. So let’s get right into those websites actually get on, work and get paid.

  1. Fixlancer

Fixlancer has been around for over two years now. It is a site dedicated for freelancers in Nigeria. People actually post their fixes on the website such as graphic design, video editing, book writing, just name it- anything, anything and everything that people can do all on the website and you can actually go to the search bar, type something and it will bring you a list of people that can do that thing. A beautiful thing about them is they actually promote your fixes for you, for free.  So what you need to do is go to Fixlancer website, create a new account using your name, email city mobile number. You choose a password, then they give you mathematical equations to Solve. So once your account is created, and you can start listing your fixes.


So on this website you actually have the opportunity to run an errand, perform a task or execute a  particular project. When you go to the site, you will see the different stuffs listed on the site. And of course like any other freelance Website, they connect you with the people who need your service, and these are the recent errands and task and projects that has been done on the website. They have different categories like programming, business services, training and development, tailor service, and so on. So what you need to do  is click on the sign up button and you will be taken to a page where you can fill out the registration for the first name, last name, address, password and e-mail. Then you agree to their terms and condition and click on the register.


On this website, also, you have the opportunity to register and sign up as a freelancer. When you scroll down, you will be able to see the different alread listed freelancing jobs that is on the website and you can see the different categories – Marketing, Business promotion, writing, web design, voice over, and so on. So if you can actually do any of this, there is no need for any certificate, just go ahead and click on the sign up button, then click on register. Then you can start to put up your listings, your gigs and tell people about what you can actually do on this platform.


It is mainly an online marketplace for digital services and gigs. So if you are good with Softwares, this is the site for you. They have different categories, mainly for technology….. all those coding, programming and all that. This is the freelance site for people who can do software development, project managent, designing and all that. So you can actually sign up as their pro.  Fill out your details, your name, your email, phone number, password, your city.

Are you on any of this websites already? Will of them will you be getting on on/trying?  Let me know in the comments section.


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