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How to fill Youtube Adsense Tax Information for non-US Youtube Creators 2021 (Free Way to Get 0% Withholding Tax Rate)

By Victoria

March 11, 2021

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US tax requirements for youtube earnings

It is no more news that Youtube has made some changes to the tax duties of Youtube Creators recently. In their video, Youtube has requested all creators to fill in their tax information, as the US government will be taking some percentage of Creators’ revenue on Youtube.

How much will my Youtube Adsense Tax be?

There is no straight answer to this as it depends on some factors:

  • your country of residence
  • whether or not your Country has a tax treaty with the United States
  • whether or not you decide to fill the tax form in your adsense account.

Let’s break this down…

Youtube adsense tax information for non-US residents

However, for resident of some Countries that have tax treaties with the United States, they may be able to pay less or no taxes.

How do I fill Youtube Adsense Tax Form as a non-US Youtube Creator?

The video takes you step by step on how you can fill the Youtube Adsense Tax info for non-US youtube creators.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the new Youtube Adsense Tax Information for non-US Creators

1. What if I decide not to fill the Youtube Adsense Tax Form?

If you do not fill the form within the stipulated time, it means you automatically give Youtube the power to deduct a 30% tax on the revenue made on all your content views, not just the views coming from the United States.

2. Till when do I have to fill this Youtube Adsense Tax Form for non-US creators?

According to Google, you have till June 2021 to fill in your tax information.

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